Stray Dog Institute’s Philanthropy

Stray Dog Institute’s philanthropic priority is to support and strengthen the movement for food systems transformation, with a central focus on farmed animals and industrial animal agriculture. We recognize that other issues are inextricably linked to animal protection, including climate change, biodiversity, human health, social justice, and rural economies. This systems view is foundational to all our work.

Our Philanthropic Philosophy

Stray Dog Institute’s philanthropic philosophy informs how we approach our work.

Movement Building. We seek to strengthen the capacity of the food systems transformation movement, including farmed animal protection. We hope to increase the movement’s resources, diversity of voices and approaches, interconnection, visibility, and impact. To better support the collective movement, we have begun to make grants, albeit smaller, across an increasing number of groups. We particularly appreciate capacity-building organizations that predominantly serve organizations and individuals within the movement through legal counsel, technological support, graphic design, media consulting, movement-wide events, and other means.  

Trust-Based Philanthropy. Trust-Based Philanthropy is a set of values and practices that “help advance equity, shift power, and build mutually accountable relationships.” Informed by Trust-Based Philanthropy, we recognize the power dynamics inherent to relationships between funders and grantee partners. We also realize that Stray Dog Institute holds an additional position of power as a white-led and majority-white organization. We seek to be transparent and willing to share power with our grantee partners. We are committed to ensuring that racial justice and equity imbue all our work.

Thought Partnership. Our grantee partners are experts in their fields, and Stray Dog Institute aims to be a resource and collaborator in the spirit of thought partnership. We enjoy rich conversations and mutual feedback when desired by our partners. As thought partners, the Stray Dog Institute team offers food systems, farmed animal, and environmental expertise; a breadth of experience in fields ranging from management consulting to academic research; insight into funder perspectives and philanthropic culture; and a movement-wide viewpoint that allows us to see potential connections between topics, organizations, and people. We know we do not have all the answers—we commit to staying open to learning and growing.

Grantmaking Practices

In line with the values of Trust-Based Philanthropy, Stray Dog Institute seeks to be increasingly transparent about our grantmaking. Below are some common questions and answers. 

About the Author

To cultivate dignity, justice, and sustainability in the food system, Stray Dog Institute provides nonprofit allies with funding, strategic research, and opportunities for collaboration. Together, we hope to build a more compassionate world for people, animals, and the environment.

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