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As replacements for the products of industrial animal agriculture, plant-based alternative proteins have the potential to contribute to a holistic transformation of the US food system to create a more just and sustainable food system for all. However, the alt protein industry and the broader food system transformation movement have not always communicated effectively regarding the potential role of alternative proteins in food system transformation.

This report places the unfiltered viewpoints of thirty-two experts representing various alt protein stakeholder groups into direct conversation to identify challenges limiting alt proteins’ alignment with the goals of inclusive food systems transformation and to illuminate opportunities for enhancing common-good benefits and building greater allyship.

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Improving Our Global Food System

How the world’s food is produced, consumed, and discarded has immense impacts on human and environmental well-being. Our food system provides a barometer for the success of our economies and the depth of our dedication to equitable sustainable development. Food production currently occupies or impacts nearly half of Earth’s habitable land, while agriculture sustains each of us with daily energy and provides employment for one-third of humanity.

Collaborative products

The strategic roadmaps below are the products of yearlong collaborative working groups that Stray Dog Institute convened, funded, and facilitated. The groups’ focus areas—factory farm gas, farm transformation, and checkoff programs—were identified and recommended to Stray Dog Institute by nonprofit leaders, academics, and funders from across the movement. While Stray Dog Institute facilitated and contributed to the discussion and the creation of the roadmaps, these documents do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Stray Dog Institute. Instead, they reflect areas of consensus among working group members, who, likewise, hold differing visions and goals.

Farm Transformations: Toward a More Ethical and Sustainable Food Future
Checkoff Programs: Invisible Barriers to a Better Food System
Factory Farm Gas: A Threat to Our Climate, Communities, and Clean Energy Future

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To cultivate dignity, justice, and sustainability in the food system, Stray Dog Institute provides nonprofit allies with funding, strategic research, and opportunities for collaboration. Together, we hope to build a more compassionate world for people, animals, and the environment.

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