Why It’s Time for the Dairy-Free Movement

Black and white cow in a field

In this post, we highlight Switch4Good, an organization taking a unique perspective on dietary change advocacy. Their approach is based on a broad, intersectional understanding of the serious and interconnected problems dairy creates: for the animals it exploits, for the public whose health it harms, for specific groups within society whose interests it systematically ignores.

The High Cost of Consuming Animals

cows eat from a trough on an industrial dairy

Worldwide, roughly 70 billion animals are raised and slaughtered each year within the food system. Producing so many animals comes with a high price for us, for animals, and for our planet. These costs make the UN Sustainable Development Goals much harder to achieve.

Our Vision for a Sustainable Food System

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Our current industrial food system is a primary driver behind many of the underlying problems described by the SDGs. To achieve the SDGs, we must transform food production and food consumption into forces that strengthen, rather than weaken, global progress toward sustainable development.

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To cultivate dignity, justice, and sustainability in the food system, Stray Dog Institute provides nonprofit allies with funding, strategic research, and opportunities for collaboration. Together, we hope to build a more compassionate world for people, animals, and the environment.

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